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Nick Cave:
Meet Me at the Center of the Earth

The campaign for Nick Cave centered on a strong call to action and the energy and color of Cave’s unique set of suits. The call to action on the press ads and wheat-paste campaign screamed “MEET ME,” encouraging everyone who saw them to come to the Seattle Art Museum to meet the Soundsuits and encounter the work of this incredibly unique artist. The implemented promotions were designed to demand attention, on the streets or in newspapers and magazines, through the irresistible juxtaposition of imagery and text. The layering of texture, color and type reimagines the movement and sound provided by the Soundsuits, when in motion.

Print, advertising, and exhibit title graphics for the Seattle Art Museum exhibit, Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth.

Graphic Design & Art Direction
In-house, Seattle Art Museum

Video Production
Aaron Bourget


In-HOWse Award
How Design Magazine

Case Study
AIGA Justified Competition