Marjolein Delhaas


I just recently found Marjolein Delhaas's shop. I love the simplicity and bold restraint of her office items. And her design portfolio is also quite lovely. 


Left to right, top to bottom:

1. This planner is from last year so not available anymore, but I love the flesh toned pink color of the color in compliment to the black and white of the print.

2. I love items that have a sole purpose of complimented everything else around it. 

3. These were created using an iris print (rainbow print), two colors of ink in a single print run. And no surprise, also sold out. :( 

4. I love the large bold, but simple numbers of the TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN planner. And that bound, exposed edge. Yes. 

5. The notebook in skin-grey is by far my favorite. So gorgeous. It states that cover is made from Lynx, which is a fantastic paper so I can image how great this feels to hold. 

6. I’ve had a penchant for wall calendars since I was a kid. This one is almost as epic as the Stendig only paired back a bit.