Of note, No. 3, Etsy


I knew that there would be a good chance that I wouldn't consistently keep up my weekly Of Note. I like the idea of focusing it more though to reflect a theme tying them all together. Right now I've been really following (and buying) on Etsy. There are some amazing craftspeople and vintage curators that do such stellar work. Just last week I bought a skirt for my daughter, and she LOVES it (more on that later). Here's a roundup of my favorites this week. 


Left to right, top to bottom:

1. AgJc makes my all time favorite pair of earrings. Everything about them screams minimalistic beautiful form. Plus I'm a huge fan of oxidized black metal. :)

2. The Mid Century artifacts and wall art from Bold Modern are fun and energetic. 

3. I've become a giant proponent of handmade and small batch facial and body products. Yoshimomo has delicious, natural ingredients and packaging that I'd feel comfortable storing right out in the open.  

4. I have a plant problem in my house. There are literally everywhere. Plant stands like these from Wirely Home are streamlined and beautiful but not in a way that distracts from what it holds. They also have a series of wall shelves, door hangers and tables that are stunners. 

5. Kay Bojesen is a popular toy maker from the early to mid 1900's I've seen consistently on the blogosphere. They are miniature works of art for any mid-century Danish enthusiast. The Modern Vault currently has a few of these vintage toys along with some amazing, one of a kind and rare Mid Century and Danish Modern pieces.

6. Who can say no to anything from Sonadora Handmade? Her work gives you a great sense of calm and the shapes are something any designer would appreciate. This Bamboo Black Silk Blend Fiber and Brass Wall Hanging is my fav.

7. This little family from danish mood was made by "legendary" Danish pottery, Kahler, and designed by Ellen Karlsen.  

8. These Arka chairs by Yngve Ekstrom, were designed in 1955. The shop 506070 does an amazing job at curating the items they sell, not to mention everything is photographed beautifully.