I have been looking for a fragrance for awhile now. I was contemplating Aesop's fragrance, Marrakesch Intense, but because its an import you're paying a lot for the privilege of their product. And as I'm discovering, Portland has an amazing array of craftsmen, artists, designers (of all specialities), and creators. But not only that but they are GOOD, so GOOD at what they do. 

I grew up in rural Washington and ended up being a hippie kid, so I've always been drawn to those types of fragrances. But I also don't want to smell like I'm trying to cover up not bathing for a week.

I was pretty excited when I found OLO. The scents are so lovely and so inviting. They also avoid using synthetics as much as possible, which is a check off on my list, as many synthetic perfumes set off a sneezing fit. 


I ended up purchasing Victory Wolf, which is an amazing stand-alone fragrance, in and of itself. I picked up hints of wood, whiskey and smoke. It is also very potent, and you don't have to use much to smell fantastic. The description says it all:

This scent makes you feel like it’s there for a reason, an event or an act caused it to be. It’s the lingering smoke left on your clothes after a night around the fire.


Add that to all the other amazing OLO fragrances, and this was not an easy decision. Ultimately I was sold on V.W. for the similar aesthetic smell of my above criteria, but I think I may need to expand into their other fragrances as much as possible.  

Top photo taken from Milk Milk Lemonade.