On the Wall


We are the hunt for artwork to grace a very selective space on our very sparse walls. We want something to show our personality as a family, as well as the aesthetic of our home, but we also are of the mind set that less (a lot less) is saying so much more.

However it happened we were able to just go with a good nod towards Scandinavian style (there is a lot of grey, black and white in our house), with maybe a tiny bit of wabi-sabi thrown in (you know, for good measure). But I'd like to think that we can also be playful and not take ourselves too seriously.


Left to right, top to bottom:

1. I wouldn't know the first place to find it in real life, but I'm in love with this Japanese poster by Tadano Kitano, 1962, via Gurafiku. If anyone can point me to a real life version, please do.

2. We all love Marcus Oakley's work, but he doesn't exactly have prints available. Really cool stuff though. I could just imagine this blown up huge on a wall.

3. This one is probably not right, but it makes me laugh. Lucerne (Luzern in German) was one of our favorite places to visit in Europe, and my husband grew up watching Doraemon obsessively in Japan. :)

4. Santiago Salvador is another one of those artists that we are drooling over. 

5. Kristina Krogh's work is always inspiring.

6. I've had pretty much no excuse, because I've been talking about it since I saw her stuff way back in 2010 (I know...), but I think its about time. Debbie Carlos your work is top notch.

Rebecca Gusson the wall