Of Note, no. 1


I'm starting a post called Of Note, of things I'm currently obsessing over, whether they are on the web, things I've found in my daily adventures, or books I'm reading. I'm shooting for once a week, however I might modify that plan as the weeks go on. Speaking of books...I've been thinking a lot about their construction lately. Probably to get myself excited for the new project I'm starting soon. Enjoy.  


Left to right, top to bottom:

1. I love seeing how other designers live, especially the founding art director of Kinfolk and a MOTHER.

2. Spartan has been on my shop list for awhile now, but I've been looking for a new BAG

3. This is an entire BRAND created by Passport, but I'm most drawn to the binding on the booklets. It is so utilitarian. 

4. BINDINGS on the brain.

5. Georgia O’Keeffe's HOME.

6. The TURNING TABLE is a thing of beauty.

7. COPPERLINE's VSCO Grid is wonderfully intimate with architecture, and a lovely little dog. 

8. Design guidelines for AESOP by U-P.

9. Freunde von Freunden's INTERVIEW with the founders of Cereal Magazine.

Rebecca Gussof note