Two great things I love that are a part of the process of working for myself.

One is the ritual and the anticipation of making and drinking coffee in the morning. Sometime I have a post in mind to share that process (yes, its that big of a deal). The second being, on days you'd rather wear slippers and can, but really shouldn't (see below).


Now the not so great things.

If you aren't motivated, its easy to stay in bed. Ritual and routine be damned. Or instead of working, you find yourself working (you know that pile of laundry or the breadcrumb trail you meant to pick up?). Its easy not to shower and stay in your pajamas. It is also very easy not to do things like eat or workout. These aren't a part of doing design, but they add up to a happy tummy and a happy (and clean) body, which makes a super productive designer. So I'm finding I do these things to stay focus and on track, but its still a work in progress.

Rebecca Gussprocess